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Discover Sardinia thanks to sustainable tourism:
the B&B Sa Pardina in Orroli

cos'è il turismo sostenibile - gioielli sardi

Sardinia is a magical land. This island full of archipelagos, surrounded by the sea and dotted with lakes, mountains, expanses and rivers, is a small world in itself, capable of telling timeless stories. A part of her moves away from the coasts, and lives through the small villages set in the earth which, from north to south, are made up of faces, arts and traditions.

This is the "Wild Sardinia", a part of our land for decades almost obscured by the wonderful coasts and the crystal clear sea, but which in recent years is attracting more and more attention thanks to a new holiday model that is conquering the world: sustainable tourism.

What is sustainable tourism

According to the Treccani definition, sustainable tourism is “the ensemble of those  activities  of tourist use that […] do not cause the modification of the landscapes and the alteration of the kind of  life  of host populations, but […] associate the latter with the benefits of tea, […], guarantee forms of protection of environmental resources, […] and manage to integrate tea. within the framework of other economic activities practiced by local populations. "

We like to define sustainable tourism as the opportunity for tourists from all over the world to discover the true essence of Sardinia, such as:

  • History, an integral part of nature;

  • Local habits and customs, narrated by the voices of the inhabitants;

  • Food and wine, strictly at Km0;

  • The village, which is transformed and becomes a single guide that welcomes and leads.

The tourist will thus return home full of experiences to tell and always bringing a part of Sardinia with him.

On holiday in Orroli, in the Sarcidano

In the small village of Orroli, guarded in the Sarcidano region and only 70 kilometers from Cagliari, living a sustainable tourism experience is even simpler and more fun. In recent years, Paolo Schirru, local expert guide and local entrepreneur, has begun to tell online and to all passing tourists, the true story of this land, between past, present and future.

On foot through the streets of the town (and soon aboard his Giardinetta ), Paolo guides tourists through the narrow streets of Orroli, explaining all the wonders such as:

  • Lake Mulargia, an ideal body of water for sport fishing and kayaking;

  • the Su 'Motti Park, ideal for trekking and a real natural corridor within the history of Sardinia;

  • the Nuraghe Arrubiu, the most important nuraghe in this area, which can be visited all year round and in combination with tasting of local products.

Furthermore, relying on a network of local experts in extreme sports, hiking, photography, the world of food and wine, and much more, Paolo organizes personalized stays for his guests, offering them the opportunity to live an experience in Sardinia on measure.

Eco-friendly stay at the B&B Sa Pardina

The B&B Sa Pardina welcomes guests for an eco-friendly stay in Sardinia, an ancient residence renovated in the early 2000s, according to what years later would become the rules of sustainability.

Here you can choose between 3 large rooms and a suite equipped with all comforts, in a classic but elegant style that does not alter the spirit of the country and the location. Every day a rich breakfast of local products opens the day and, on request, it is possible to organize packed lunches or romantic aperitifs with local wine, cheeses and cold cuts. Sa Pardina welcomes its tourists all year round, to show every facet of this land.

It is from simplicity, attention and details that small things become big emotions. For your next holiday in Sardinia, give yourself the opportunity to really discover it.

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