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Immerse yourself in the art and culture of Sardinia with our Sea Sponge Earrings. These jewels encapsulate the mastery of Sardinian artisans, who have passed down the filigree technique from generation to generation.


The delicate spheres inspired by the sea sponges that line the Sardinian coasts tell a story of tradition, beauty and authenticity. Made entirely of burnished silver, these earrings are a hymn to high-quality Sardinian craftsmanship.


Wear them and you will feel the lightness and comfort that only a true handcrafted jewel can offer. The hemispherical shape adapts perfectly to any style, from casual elegance to the most special evening.


The Sea Sponge Earrings are not just jewels, but a gateway to Sardinian culture. They are the perfect gift to celebrate a friendship, a love or even just to give yourself an authentic piece of Sardinia. Choose our Sea Sponge Earrings and embrace the soul of the island, made of sea, tradition and timeless beauty.


Combine them with one of our Sardinian filigree pendants for a breathtaking result!

Sardinian Handcrafted Silver Earrings - SEA SPONGE

  • Free returns and exchanges within 30 days - no questions asked. Just follow the instructions at the following link.

    Length approximately 1.1cm.

    Certified TIT.800 silver (does not contain nickel).

    To clean silver jewelry, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

    For any doubts use the chat.