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Discovering the Perfect Size for Your Bracelet: Guided Techniques

Buying a bracelet is a special moment, but making sure it fits perfectly is essential to ensure a comfortable fit and a stunning look. In the Gioia Sarda jewelery universe, we would like to share with you some guided techniques to discover the ideal size for your bracelet.

1. Use the Measuring Tape
The easiest way to measure your wrist circumference is to use a flexible measuring tape. Here's how to do it:

Take a soft measuring tape or piece of string.

Wrap it around your wrist, under the prominent bone.

Keep the tape snug but comfortable, without overtightening.

Read the length in centimeters or inches and make a note of it.

This measurement becomes your guide to choosing the right size bracelet in our Gioia Sarda collection.

2. Measure the Perfect Bracelet You Own
If you already have a bracelet that fits you perfectly, you can use it as a reference. That's how:

Take the existing bracelet.

Measure the total length, including the closure.

This measurement represents the circumference of your wrist.

This method is especially useful if you're looking for a bracelet similar to one you already own.

3. Use a Thread or a Lace
For this method, you will need a flexible wire or a small tie. Here's how it works:

Get some string or string.

Wrap it around your wrist under the prominent bone as if it were a bracelet.

Cut the thread where it overlaps.

Then measure the thread with a ruler and note the length.

4. The Card or Tape Method
Another simple method involves using a piece of construction paper or tape:

Cut a thin strip of cardstock or tape.

Wrap it around your wrist under the prominent bone as you would a bracelet.

Mark where the cardstock or tape overlaps.

Then measure the length obtained with a ruler.

Additional Tips from the Gioia Sarda Universe
Bracelet Width: Please note that wider bracelets will require a slightly larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Style and Material: Materials and styles of bracelets can affect fit. For example, elastic bracelets can fit a wider range of sizes.

Expert Advice: If you have any doubts or want a precise measurement, the Gioia Sarda team is here to help you. Contact us for personalized advice and assistance in choosing the perfect bracelet.


Once you've determined your wrist size, you'll be ready to explore our exclusive collection of Gioia Sarda bracelets. Don't forget that in Gioia Sarda, you can find the best silver bracelets made with the artisanal technique of Sardinian filigree. These jewels are designed to adapt to the tastes of all people, completing your look with elegance and refinement. An impeccable fit is the key to a stylish and comfortable look. Whether you're looking for a bracelet for yourself or as a special gift, follow these guided techniques to make the right choice and discover the perfect bracelet for you.

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