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All there is to know about the earth which is called the "sixth continent".
Because the real jewel is our beloved island.


Sardinia is a magical and surprising land, known all over the world for its immaculate beaches and its crystal clear waters, a nature full of enchanted scenarios that literally leave you speechless.

We know it! "Magic land"? Maybe we are letting ourselves be carried away by our Sardinian pride. But then we reconsider that in La Maddalena, we have a beach with pink sand. Yes, right! We weren't the wrong color: it's really pink. It looks like the creation of fairies.

And for adventure lovers, who have imagined ancient towers and fortresses to protect the coasts, we can name the famous tower of the beach of La Pelosa di Stintino, surrounded by a sea that goes from light green to darker blue. All within a few tens of meters.

And what about the famous coves of the east coast such as Cala Liberotto or Cala Luna: small paradises protected by the same rocks, which open to visitors like gates of paradise.

But these are just a few examples, because otherwise we would need a hundred pages just to describe the most beautiful beaches.

And despite everything, the seaside world is only the elegant and visible veil of a culture and a tradition that have nothing to envy to anyone: an island with its own language, with its unique legends and above all, with wonderful people. that tell us timeless adventures and stories worth sharing. A real gem of the mediterranean!

In this section we want to pay homage to the heart of the island, to teach the world why our pride and our immortal sense of belonging, which prompted us to share some of our local products, such as handcrafted Sardinian filigree jewels. Do you want to find out more? Take a look at the three worlds described below:

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