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The Uncontaminated Magic of Cala Luna: Discover the Hidden Jewel of Sardinia


Have you ever been the custodians of a place so special that you wanted to keep it secret, but at the same time eager to share its beauty with the whole world? Today we reveal one of Sardinia's most precious treasures: Cala Luna.

The Sardinian Beaches: Beyond World Fame

It is no mystery that Sardinian beaches are famous for their breathtaking beauty, so much so that they are often cited among the most enchanting globally. Sardinia is not just sea and beaches, but a universe of natural, cultural and historical wonders.

The Sardinian coasts are a mosaic of different scenarios: from fine, white sands to rocks sculpted by time, from transparent turquoise colors to deep blues. It is this variety that makes Sardinia a dream destination for every type of traveller.

Cala Luna: A Masterpiece of Nature

Among the jewels of the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Luna stands out, a bay that seems to have been sculpted by the hands of fairies. Over 800 meters of golden sand and a sea of such pure blue that it seems like a piece of sky. The first few meters of shallow water invite you to take relaxing walks, while further on the deep waters become a paradise for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The Exclusivity of Cala Luna: A Protected Corner of Paradise

Cala Luna maintains its aura of paradise partly thanks to its "shyness". Limited accessibility by land, with trails and climbs for the more daring adventurer, preserves its pristine character. For those seeking direct contact with nature, the route to reach Cala Luna is an adventure that rewards you with unparalleled beauty.

Cala Luna and Cinema: A Deserved Fame

The fame of Cala Luna was cemented by the 1974 film "Swept away by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August". Since then, many have tried to discover this magical cove. However, its natural beauty remains intact, protected by the same forces that shaped it.

Sardinian Joy: A Tribute to Cala Luna

In homage to this natural treasure, Gioia Sarda has created a ring inspired by the beauty of Cala Luna. A jewel that captures the essence of this magical place, as well as its wild and uncontaminated spirit.


Sardinia is an island of hidden secrets and timeless beauty. Cala Luna is just one of the many treasures waiting to be discovered. And as we talk about it, we can't help but invite travelers to explore this corner of Mediterranean paradise with respect and wonder. Visit Gioia Sarda to find out how to bring a piece of this magic with you.

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