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10 Curious Facts About Sardinian Filigree

Sardinian filigree is a craft technique highly appreciated all over the world for its beauty and uniqueness. Here are some curious and market data on the Sardinian watermark:

  • Sardinian filigree was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2017, recognizing its cultural importance and uniqueness as a form of traditional craft.

  • Sardinian filigree is very popular in Europe, especially in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, but it is also appreciated in North America and Asia.

  • Sardinian watermark is a growing industry, with exports increasing by 15% in recent years. 

  • Sardinian filigree is not only a craft art, but also a cultural art. Each area of Sardinia has its own style and tradition of filigree, and each craftsman has their own unique style.

  • Sardinian filigree jewelery is particularly popular with tourists, who buy it as souvenirs and as gifts for friends and family.

  • Sardinian filigree is an art handed down from generation to generation, with many artisan families working together to create jewelery and decorative items.

  • Silver is the metal most used in Sardinian filigree, followed by copper and gold.

  • The Sardinian filigree technique has been influenced by cultures that have had contact with Sardinia, such as the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Catalans. These influences can be seen in the designs and motifs used in Sardinian filigree.

  • Sardinian filigree is a very versatile art, which goes beyond jewelry, it is also used to create decorative objects, such as candlesticks, vases, photo frames and much more. It was originally intended for the wealthier classes of Sardinian society; however, over time it has become more accessible and today it is enjoyed by people of all social classes.

  • Sardinian filigree is an art in great demand, above all for the uniqueness of the pieces; it is a very complex technique and requires a lot of skill and patience to master. It takes years of practice to become an expert craftsman in Sardinian filigree.


In summary, the Sardinian filigree is an artisan technique in great demand and appreciated all over the world, a unique and authentic ancient art that has evolved over time with different influences and which today adapts to the needs of the market, continuing to represent the culture and the Sardinian tradition.

Gioia Sarda's mission is precisely to share a part of Sardinia, offering our customers the opportunity to own a piece of Sardinian art and culture, with handcrafted jewelery of quality and authenticity.

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