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The Sardinian button, traditional treasure of the goddess Tanit

bottoni sardi - bottone sardo filigrana argento - gioia sarda - gioielli artigianali

The Sardinian tradition has accustomed us to unique masterpieces, which involve both the textile and the artisan sector. In fact, it is not difficult to admire fabulous dresses, popular but at the same time luxurious, full of embroidery, velvets, brocades on every detail and often adorned with particular and precious jewels and jewels, each with its own meaning and with a story to tell.

An example of this are certainly the su coccu chases the evil eye and the angel caller , and in general all the handcrafted filigree jewels , for which we have already dedicated articles and which we recommend you read.

Another unique piece of the Sardinian tradition, which immediately strikes us for its lightness and its elegance is the characteristic Sardinian button .

It is one of the most representative jewels of the Sardinian goldsmith culture, mainly used to close the collar of women's shirts and jackets or adorn the sleeves of the same, so as to form "sa buttonera"; obviously another use is as a simple brooch or decorative pendant. In ancient times it also helped to define the social status of the person who wore it or of his family, through the material used, its size and its number (two to close the collar of men's shirts and from seven to twelve for the female one).

Much earlier as now, it can be found in the gold or silver filigree version (in Gioia Sarda, we are lovers of the latter precisely for its simplicity and for the reference to popular history), but it is not uncommon to see it also enriched with precious and semiprecious stones (such as garnet and coral) ; nevertheless, its deep and ancient meaning continues to remain intact, as always happens with the jewels of this fantastic land.

Its shape is always spherical or hemispherical or conical (although the latter tends to be associated more with the Nuorese area), with a small protuberance (where precious stones are often inserted) and recalls the maternal breast of Tanit, the goddess Punic fertility.

Precisely for this reason, it represented the wish for prosperity and fertility, as well as having powers and energies capable of warding off envy, malice and, in general, any type of negative influences. With this protective purpose, the Sardinian button was handed down from mother to daughter.

In Gioia Sarda, we were inspired by the classic button , and from there we created new models, decorated with figures that make the jewel more elegant, while retaining its original meaning and beauty. Sardinian buttons can be appreciated both in their simplest variant, as with the coral decoration and also in their most advanced form, that of the brand new charms for bracelets .

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