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Sardinian Pendants

filigrana sarda - gioiello artigianale argento - ciondolo cavalluccio marino corallo rosso

Sardinian pendants are highly appreciated jewels for their beauty and uniqueness. Among the various models of Sardinian pendants, the Sardinian button is one of the best known and most appreciated. These pendants are made with the Sardinian filigree technique, an ancient art which consists of weaving thin gold and/or silver threads. 

The Sardinian button is a rounded pendant with a hole in the centre, like those found on the buttons of a dress. These pendants are decorated with floral and geometric motifs, which recall the traditional Sardinian filigree techniques. The Sardinian button is a very versatile pendant, which adapts to many different occasions and styles. But Sardinian buttons are not only beautiful to look at, they are also very interesting from a historical and cultural point of view. Indeed, Sardinian buttons date back to the Nuragic era, when they were used as coins or talismans. Furthermore, their round shape and elaborate design have been inspired by the art and culture of the peoples who have lived on the island over the centuries, such as the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Sardinians themselves.

Wearing a Sardinian button means carrying a piece of Sardinia with you everywhere. These pendants are ideal as a gift for anyone who loves the art and traditions of Sardinia. In addition, they are also very popular as souvenirs for visitors to the island.

Sardinian buttons are available in different materials, including silver, gold and gold-dipped silver. Furthermore, they can be enriched with precious stones such as coral, garnet and turquoise, which enhance their beauty and value.

In conclusion, the Sardinian button is a truly unique pendant, which represents the culture and tradition of Sardinia. If you are looking for a special and original jewel, the Sardinian button is certainly a perfect choice.

If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating tradition, I suggest you visit our online shop, where you can admire the exceptional skill and mastery of Sardinian craftsmen and buy a unique piece of this precious tradition.

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