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What are charms?

charm sardi in argento filigrana sarda gioielli artigianali
charm sardi in argento filigrana sarda gioielli artigianali maschera

It is a word that we hear every day now. Some think it is the English translation of pendant, others a simple abbreviation ... But the truth is that, for better or for worse, charms have represented an evolution in jewelry fashion in recent years and have gone far beyond, giving life to a concept of originality that few would have considered possible.


Surely many of you remember the bracelets called “nomination” that were so fashionable a couple of decades ago; the idea is always the same, that is to use charms to personalize your bracelet as much as possible in order to convert it into a unique jewel with which the person wearing it can fully identify.


But what are these charms and what makes them so special?

Well, the first answer that comes to mind is actually quite simple: they are pendants depicting different objects or subjects.

But if we go a little deeper into the explanation, we discover that charms are much more than just pendants ... Of course, they can be used as pendants and indeed, they would still look beautiful. But in this way we would limit their essence.


In fact, the charms are born from the intention of creating a 100% personalization of your jewels, which therefore allows you to create a real authentic and unique style that no one can replicate. By inserting these charms in special modular bracelets, we create unusual, fun and surprising combinations. One day we can decide to combine several charms together in the same bracelet and the next day change style according to the occasion of the day or how we feel, and wear only a single charm. The basic principle does not change: YOU decide and YOU create.

Finally in the center and for real!


Charms come in many variations, each with a well-defined meaning and symbolism and are sold by many brands, precisely because they all have noticed this inherent need for uniqueness. Depending on the length of the bracelet in your possession, you can insert a really large number of charms all together (although, for our part, we advise you not to exaggerate, because we are promoters of the motto "beauty often lies in simplicity" and therefore could three or four charms are enough to have a unique and completely personalized jewel).


We in Gioia Sarda, offer you silver charms, with figures that often and willingly recall the stories and traditions of our Sardinian culture:

-      the silver charm with the typical shape of the Sardinian button (for the more traditional ones)

-      the silver charm with su coccu (for those who want to ward off the evil eye)

-      the silver charm with the shape of mamuthones (for the more folkloric)    


Of course you can also find more “classic” charms on our site, such as the silver charm in the shape of a small heart, but we always like to add a "local" touch using our original Sardinian filigree technique.


As explained above, you create the style; we just lend a hand by offering you original and unique charms. And the best thing is that our silver charms are compatible with most of the modular bracelets of other brands, precisely because we want to give everyone the opportunity to have a Sardinian jewel.

It is an ideal gift because it really shows how much you know a person and how much you care. Giving a Sardinian charm means transmitting a message in an absolutely original way. And it's a great way to ensure that the person receiving it always remembers you.

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