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Pane Carasau and Guttiau: Sardinia in a crunchy bite


Have you ever tried bread so crunchy and tasty that it becomes impossible to say no? A bread so delicate that it can accompany any meal, sweet or savory, always remaining special? This very special bread exists and is originally from Sardinia: pane carasau.


A journey of flavors and history:

With its culinary charm and its thousand-year history, pane carasau has become a symbol of Sardinian authenticity and a culinary experience not to be missed. Its origins are intertwined with the pastoral culture of the island, telling of a past rich in traditions.


Versatility in the kitchen:

From appetizer to dessert, pane carasau is a culinary must-have. Its crunchiness makes it perfect to accompany cured meats, cheeses and vegetables, but also to create delicious bruschetta or accompany creamy desserts. Its versatility makes it a sought-after ingredient appreciated by chefs and food bloggers.


Guttiau: the evolution of taste:

The addition of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt transforms carasau bread into guttiau, a real delight for the palate. Its irresistible crunchiness and intense flavor make it a unique and refined product.


Gioia Sarda: jewels that tell the story of tradition:

The love for Sardinia and for carasau bread is transformed into filigree handcrafted jewels. Sardinian wedding ring "Guttiau 4 wires", Sardinian wedding ring "Guttiau 3 wires", Sardinian wedding ring from Nuoro "Carasau 2 wires": a precious homage to this culinary tradition which also conquers the world of jewellery.



More than a bread, an experience: carasau and guttiau bread contain the soul of Sardinia. A tasteful journey enriched with details and information to help you discover the island in one bite.

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