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The Timeless Charm of Su Coccu: Discover the Magic of the Sardinian Amulet

The Sardinian Su Coccu is much more than a simple jewel: it is an amulet that has its roots in a thousand-year-old tradition and which continues to be a strong symbol of protection and cultural identity in Sardinia. Also known by the local names of Sa Sabègia or Su Pinnadellu, this talisman is traditionally made of a hard stone, usually black onyx due to its well-known connection with resilience and protection from the negative, set in an elegant silver embrace that exalts power.

The spherical shape of the amulet, which emulates the eye, serves as a positive symbol to counteract envy and negative energies, according to an ancient belief still alive in the island culture. This intentional design aims to create a protective aura around the wearer, reflecting the tradition of the eye that watches away from evil.

In the current revival of Sardinian jewelry, Gioia Sarda has expanded its offering to include the classic Su Coccu in black onyx but has also explored new, more colorful variations; although among the classic models we sometimes find white agate in tradition, venerated for its purity and often given as a good omen talisman for children. And to celebrate love, there is nothing more evocative than red coral, chosen to accompany new brides on their marital journey, symbolizing lasting passion and fidelity.

In recent years, we have seen a growing variety of these amulets adorning not only cribs and prams, but transformed into modern declinations such as rings, earrings, bracelets and charms. Their popularity has also grown among those who, beyond popular beliefs, choose them as an elegant expression of Sardinian culture or as a symbol of personal protection.

Despite the diversity of modern interpretations, the essence of Su Coccu does not change: it remains one of the most mystical and fascinating gems of Sardinian heritage. Purchasing or receiving a Su Coccu today means not only appreciating an object of beauty but also helping to preserve and spread these legendary stories for generations to come.

In addition to its history and meaning, Gioia Sarda is proud to offer Su Coccu made with traditional artisan techniques, ensuring that each piece is unique and personal. Visit our website to discover the complete collection and choose your Su Coccu, a jewel that carries with it centuries of Sardinian history.

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