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3 things you didn't know about
Su Coccu Sardo

The Sardinian Su Coccu , also known by the names of Sa Sabègia or Su Pinnadellu depending on the areas of Sardinia in which it is produced, is an ancient  amulet chases the evil eye composed of a hard stone set between two silver bowls, which have the task of catalysing evil; this means that all negative energy is absorbed by the pendant, which holds it inside, thus preventing it from touching the person wearing it, who will therefore remain unharmed and protected from any misfortunes or curses.

The same spherical shape that distinguishes it recalls that of an eye, which symbolizes the "good" eye as opposed to the "bad" eye.

Traditionally the stone used for this pendant is black onyx, (as lovers of tradition, we in Gioia Sarda offer the classic model ), but there are alternative versions that use other semiprecious stones. A typical example is the one with the white agate stone, a symbol of purity, which was given by the godmothers to their new godchildren in the hope that nothing bad would happen to them (it is said that to activate its protective power, a prayer was also necessary. Sardinian).


In these cases, Su Coccu was normally applied in the places where the newborn spends most of his time (cradle, stroller, cot) or used as a pin at heart level (to protect him from envious eyes that could have looked at him), to then be worn in the adult stage, as a bracelet on the wrist .

Another curious case is the one that uses red coral as a stone and is given as a gift to new wives, as a symbol of lasting love.

Because of its mystical protective function and chases away the evil eye, traditionally the Su Coccu was given as a gift; but in actuality this amulet is also bought directly by those who are a lover of Sardinia and of those who are the most characteristic Sardinian jewels (now available in many versions, such as earrings , bracelets and the most modern charms ), or even by those who, simply, he feels he needs an extra bit of protection against the evil eye.  

Of course, you may or may not believe the folk tales related to its evil-eye-warding power; but one thing is certainly certain: Su Coccu remains one of the most ancient, fascinating and mystical jewels of the Sardinian tradition and having it means preserving and passing on these “legendary stories” to future generations.

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