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March 19: Father's Day

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Father's Day is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world to honor fathers and their figure. In Italy, this holiday falls on March 19 and represents a special occasion to show fathers all our affection and gratitude. In this article, we will talk about the history and origin of Father's Day, the Italian traditions associated with this holiday and the link between craftsmanship and Father's Day in Italy, with particular attention to the Sardinian handicrafts.

  1. History and Origin of Father's Day: The celebration of Father's Day has ancient origins and different cultures have celebrated this holiday throughout history. In Italy, Father's Day was officially established in 1977, but its celebration dates back to much earlier. In the past, Father's Day was celebrated on March 19, coinciding with the feast of Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. Subsequently, this date was chosen as the official day to celebrate the father in Italy. ​

  2. Father's Day in Italy: In Italy, Father's Day is a very heartfelt and celebrated holiday throughout the country. The holiday doesn't have a religious connotation, but it represents a time to celebrate the love and affection that bind fathers to their children. Children often prepare handmade gifts for their dads and families get together to spend special moments together. One of the most widespread traditions is to have a breakfast of cakes and pastries, to start the day in the best way.​

  3. Crafts and Father's Day: Crafts are a unique and special way to celebrate Father's Day in Italy. In fact, craftsmanship is very important and there are many craft traditions associated with Father's Day. In particular, crafts represent an opportunity to express one's creativity and to personalize gifts according to fathers' preferences. Craftsmanship can take different forms, for example the creation of wooden objects, jewellery, home accessories, clothing and much more.​

  4. Sardinian craftsmanship and Father's Day: In Sardinia, craftsmanship represents one of the most important and living traditions of the country. In particular, there are many handicraft activities related to Father's Day, such as leather working, pottery making or basket weaving. Leather working, for example, is one of the oldest and most popular craft activities on the island. Master craftsmen create bags, belts, wallets and other items using traditional techniques and high quality materials. Furthermore, Sardinian ceramics are known throughout the world for their beauty and elegance. Many artisan companies produce customized ceramic items for Father's Day, such as cups, plates, vases and other decorative items. Basket making, on the other hand, is a very widespread craft activity in Sardinia, especially in the Barbagia region. The baskets are made by weaving cane, a natural material that gives the product a rustic and elegant look at the same time. Baskets are used for many different purposes, for example as shopping containers, as household storage or as decorative items.


In conclusion, Father's Day in Italy represents a special occasion to show all the affection and gratitude we have for the father figure. Crafts are a unique and special way to celebrate this holiday, allowing children to create personalized and one-of-a-kind gifts for their dads. In Sardinia, craftsmanship is one of the most important traditions of the country and the craft activities related to Father's Day are numerous and appreciated. Choosing a handcrafted gift for your dad is a way to show all our love and dedication towards him on such a special day.

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