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Sustainable and environmental commitment: the key to a better future and the role of Gioia Sarda

Sustainable commitment is increasingly important in a world where environmental protection is becoming ever more essential. The impact of human activities on the environment is increasingly evident, and the consequences are tangible and increasingly serious. Fortunately, there are more and more associations that are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. In this sense, Our Forest is an organization that is working hard to fight deforestation and promote reforestation.

Our Forest is engaged in reforestation projects in different parts of the world (including Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Indonesia and Mozambique), to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world. Reforestation is an important activity as trees, in addition to being essential for the production of oxygen, contribute to mitigating man's impact on the environment.

This attention to sustainability and environmental commitment has a strong link with Sardinia, our island, which has a long history of relationship with nature and the earth. Sardinia has a great variety of landscapes, from the coast to the mountains, from the woods to the countryside. Protecting this natural beauty is an important task that requires the commitment and awareness of all of us.

The choice to collaborate with Our Forest was a natural choice for us at Gioia Sarda who have always tried to keep our social and environmental commitment to the maximum with the means at our disposal, above all for the importance we give to our raw materials, essential for creating and making handcrafted works such as our beloved filigree Sardinian silver jewels. Contributing to the reforestation of our planet is an important step towards creating a better and more sustainable future.

In this way, Gioia Sarda not only promotes Sardinian art and craftsmanship, but also a concrete commitment to the future of our planet. The beauty of our Sardinian silver jewelery goes hand in hand with the beauty of nature, of which we must be careful and aware custodians. Our goal is to offer our customers high quality handcrafted Sardinian jewels and at the same time promote sustainable and environmental commitment, to create a better world for everyone.

How do we do this in practice? Very simple: we have decided that for every purchase made on our Sardinian silver jewelery site, a tree will be planted through Our Forest in Madagascar. This initiative allows us to actively contribute to the reforestation of our planet, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development.

But our social mission does not end there. We are proud to promote Sardinian craftsmanship and support the local communities that produce our jewelry (hence our recent collaboration with a Sardinian artisan who makes cork jewelry). We also try to use as many sustainable materials as possible in all stages of the process that brings our handcrafted silver creations into the homes of all Italians and around the world.

We believe our focus on sustainable and social engagement is what distinguishes Gioia Sarda from conventional jewelry brands. By choosing an artisan jewel from Gioia Sarda, you can not only be sure of the quality and uniqueness of our product, but also of our commitment to a sustainable future for everyone.


Thank you for your support in our social and environmental mission (remember that without you, none of this would be possible).

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