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The SARDEGNA bracelet is a handcrafted silver jewel, enriched with a small su coccu and a pendant depicting our beloved island. This bracelet is inspired by the Sardinian tradition, which sees the su coccu as a symbol against the evil eye and in the Sardinian filigree a millenary art of great value, which finds its maximum expression here.


The design of the SARDEGNA bracelet is elegant and light, perfect for completing a simple outfit or for giving a touch of class to a casual look. The su coccu gives the bracelet a touch of originality and colour, while the pendant with the shape of Sardinia enhances its artisan tradition and beauty.


This bracelet was hand-finished by expert Sardinian craftsmen according to the famous Sardinian filigree technique, which has become a symbol of Made in Italy, with the use of the highest quality materials and with the attention to detail that distinguishes every Gioia Sarda product. The result is a jewel that combines tradition and modernity, elegance and originality.


The SARDEGNA bracelet, with its practical chain, can adapt to every woman's wrist. Wearing it means carrying with you a piece of Sardinian history and tradition, and at the same time a high-end jewel with a unique design.


Combine it with Sardinian filigree earrings for a breathtaking result!

Sardinian Handcrafted Silver Bracelet - SARDINIA

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    Certified TIT.800 silver (does not contain nickel).

    To clean silver jewelry, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

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