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Gioia Sarda is pleased to present an extraordinary new jewel from our collection of luxury Sardinian wedding rings: the GOLDEN SALVIA Wedding Ring.


This double gold-plated silver ring captures the essence of Sardinian tradition in a unique and sophisticated design. Inspired by the beauty of Sardinia, the GOLDEN SALVIA Wedding Ring was made with the refined Sardinian filigree technique. Sardinian filigree is an ancient art that involves the interweaving of fine silver and gold threads to create intricately designed jewelry of great beauty. The double gold dip adds a touch of luxury and makes this ring suitable for special occasions, precious gifts or to emphasize your unique style.


By wearing the GOLDEN SALVIA Wedding Ring, you will carry with you a piece of Sardinian culture and its unique artisan tradition. Each ring was created with care and skill by skilled Sardinian craftsmen, combining the beauty of tradition with contemporary elegance.


If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that represents your unique personality and your connection to Sardinian culture, the GOLDEN SALVIA Wedding Ring is the perfect choice. It is an ideal complement to an elegant outfit, which will make you shine and attract attention on any occasion.


Combine it with Sardinian filigree earrings for a breathtaking result!

Sardinian Artisan Silver Wedding Ring - GOLDEN SAGE

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    Certified TIT.800 silver (does not contain nickel).

    Open model.

    To clean silver jewelry, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

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