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Sardinian Cork

Sardinia is an island famous for its production of cork, a natural material obtained from the bark of cork oaks. Cork production in Sardinia is a very important activity for the island's economy, as cork is used in many sectors, such as construction, packaging and the production of corks for bottles of wine and other beverages.

The cork is harvested from cork oaks, which grow mainly in the central and southern part of the island. The cork harvest takes place every nine years, when the bark of the tree is thick enough to be peeled off without damaging the trunk. The bark is then transformed into cork slabs through a pressing and cooking process.

Cork production in Sardinia is an activity that has a long tradition, dating back to Roman times. Over the centuries, cork has been used to make carpets, boots and other items, as well as bottle stoppers. Today, cork is mainly used as thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings, as packaging to protect products during transport and as a stopper for bottles of wine and other beverages; all this accompanied by a local production that sees the cork often used to make traditional Sardinian objects, such as woven carpets, cork sculptures and poor art objects.

Let's not forget the importance it holds in Sardinian cuisine. For example, cork is often used to make wine barrel stoppers, which are then sealed with cork to preserve the wine as it ages. Additionally, cork is also used to make bottle caps for olive oil and other food products.

Cork production in Sardinia is also an important cultural factor for the island. Numerous parties and festivals take place during the cork harvesting period and are the perfect excuse to gather as a community to eat, dance and have fun together; furthermore the cork is often used to make objects of art and souvenirs to give to tourists, converting over time into a real symbol of Sardinia, often used as a decorative element in the buildings and in the handicraft products of the island.

In conclusion, cork is a very important material for the economy and culture of Sardinia. The production of cork is an ancient activity rooted in the history of the island, which contributes to creating wealth and keeping Sardinian traditions alive. And we at Gioia Sarda wanted to pay homage to this raw material that is so precious to us, dedicating its name to three of the our most beautiful and classic silver filigree jewelry:

Sardinian Handmade Silver Wedding Ring - CORK 5 STRANDS

Sardinian Handmade Wedding Ring Silver - CORK 4 STRANDS

Sardinian Handmade Wedding Ring Silver - CORK 3 WIRES

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