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Shine and get noticed with this fantastic silver jewel made in our beloved Sardinia, decorated with the shape of a Sardinian su coccu.

Finely finished by hand by our master craftsman according to the famous Sardinian filigree technique, a centennial traditional process handed down from past generations and which involves the intertwining of very thin threads of gold and / or silver, which has now become a hallmark of Made in Italy and this fantastic island. A creation that smells of magic, a unique jewel that refers to famous stories and distant legends.

This Sardinian charm is not a simple accessory : it represents an authentic treasure of our culture, which inspired us to create this original model that combines beauty and simplicity. Wearing it will be like carrying a piece of Sardinia always with you!

Ideal for elegantly personalizing your modular bracelet, and for occasions that require a gift that meets the most difficult tastes (remember that it can also be used for modular bracelets of other brands).

Combine it with other Sardinian charms to bring your style to life, or with our Sardinian filigree earrings for a breathtaking result!

Charm Bracelet Sardinian Handmade Silver - SU COCCU

  • Free returns and exchanges within 30 days : we don't ask questions. Just follow the instructions at the following link .

    Silver TIT.800 certified (does not contain Nickel).

    To clean silver jewelry, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

    For any doubts use the chat.