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Gioia Sarda presents its brand new charms on colored coccu, a Sardinian filigree silver jewel that is part of thecollection of charms that allow you to customize your bracelet.


The CHARM SU COCCU COLORATO model, with its unique and colorful design, is an example of high quality craftsmanship and Sardinian tradition.


This charm, made with the Sardinian filigree technique, consists of a pendant on a silver coccu intertwined with thin silver threads, to create a unique and sophisticated design. the colorful coccu,symbol of luck, makes this jewel even more specialand suitable for any occasion.


Wearing the COLORED SU COCCU CHARM means bringing with you a piece of Sardinia, its tradition and its unique craftsmanship. This charm has been finely handcrafted by a Sardinian master craftsman, and combines beauty and simplicity in an original design.


If you are looking for a jewel that is both original and symbolic, choose the COLORED COCCU CHARM. This silver charm is theperfect choice for a special gift or to enhance your unique style. The COLORED COCCU CHARM is the ideal complement for an informal outfit, which will make you shine and get noticed.

Combine it with other Sardinian charms to give life to your style,or with our Sardinian filigree earrings for a breathtaking result!

Charm Bracelet Sardinian Artisan Silver - ON COLORED COCCU

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    Silver TIT.800 certified (does not contain Nickel).

    To clean silver jewelry, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

    For any doubts use the chat.