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Gioia Sarda presents a new jewel from its collection of luxury rings, the BOTTARGA 3 FILI GOLDEN band.

This gold-plated silver ring, inspired by one of the most typical culinary products of Sardinia, the bottarga,it is an example of high quality craftsmanship and Sardinian tradition.


The BOTTARGA 3 FILI GOLDEN ring was made with the Sardinian filigree technique, which consists of intertwining thin silver and gold threads to create a unique and sophisticated design.The golden finish makes this jewel even more special, and makes it suitable for formal and elegant occasions.


Wearing the BOTTARGA 3 FILI GOLDEN ring means carrying a piece of Sardinia, its culinary tradition and its unique craftsmanship. This ring has been finely handcrafted by a Sardinian master craftsman, and combines beauty and simplicity in an original design.


If you are looking for a luxury jewelthat reflects your unique personality, choose the BOTTARGA 3 THREADS GOLDEN ring. This gold-plated silver jewel is the perfect choice for a special gift or to enhance your unique style. The BOTTARGA 3 FILI GOLDEN ring is the ideal complement for an elegant outfit, which will make you shine and get noticed.

Combine it with Sardinian filigree earringsfor a result to take your breath away!

Sardinian Handmade Silver Wedding Ring - GOLDEN BOTTARGA 3 THREADS

62,80 €Price
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    Doubts about the size? Check out oursguide.

    Certified TIT.800 silver (does not contain nickel).

    Open model.

    To clean silver jewellery, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

    For any doubt use the chat.

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