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The FIORE DI LOTO, the Sardinian filigree silver earrings, are a unique and exclusive jewel, made according to the traditional Sardinian filigree technique.

This ancient technique of weaving very thin gold and/or silver threads is handed down from generation to generation and representsa real treasure of Mediterranean culture.


The name LOTUS FLOWER, inspired by the Japanese tradition, makes this jewel even more precious, whichcombines Sardinian craftsmanship with the elegance and beauty of Japan's symbolic flower.


The LOTUS FLOWER earrings are handmade by a master craftsman who follows each step with extreme care and attention. The result is a jewel that represents the perfection of Sardinian filigree.

Wearing these earrings meansbring a piece of Sardinia with youand of unique artisan tradition. Ideal for elegant occasions or for informal moments, this jewel will be appreciated by those looking for an original and meaningful gift.


Pair them with one of our Sardinian filigree pendants with coralfor an even more precious and refined look. These earrings are a true work of art and will give a touch of beauty to whoever wears them.

Sardinian Artisan Silver Earrings - LOTUS FLOWER

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    Diameter about 1.8 cm.

    Certified TIT.800 silver (does not contain nickel).

    To clean silver jewellery, use soap and water (not alcoholic products).

    For any doubt use the chat.